Frequently Asked Questions
Oh No! Where do I park?

We have a good sized parking lot behind our building and you can also park behind Ziggy’s Small Engine Repair Shop to the right of us accessible from our same driveway. If both of those parking lots are full there is public street parking on 2nd Street to the South and on Spring Street to the West of the brewery. Don’t be afraid to walk a couple blocks, that just means you burned extra calories & can drink more beer!

Do you have a private events space?

We don’t necessarily have a ‘private’ events room, but we can accommodate large parties while we are still open to the public. We rent out the full space for private luncheons Mon-Thurs. For more information on hosting large events please call the brewery at 507-366-BEER.

Do you allow dogs?

Because we serve food we can’t have dogs (other than service dogs) in our taproom, but they are certainly welcome on our patio!

Do you take reservations?

We are a fast-casual counter-style restaurant (think Culver’s or Panera) where you order at the counter or bar and get a number and your food is brought to you. Usually it isn’t hard to get a table, and even when there is a wait on the weekends its not usually very long. We do accept reservations for parties or 3 or more for full table service.

Do you fill growlers?

Yes, we sell growlers of our beer for $20 for new glass and $18 for a refill. If you bring in a growler other than one of ours it must be CLEAN and have a government warning on it for us to be able to refill it.

Do you give tours?

Our brewery is fully visible from large glass windows with a drink rail if you care to watch our good-looking brewers work while you put back some pints. We don’t give regularly scheduled tours.